Meet the team.

Jeremiah Gómez

Lead Pastor

Joyce Rossen

Associate Pastor
Pastoral Care & Counseling

Danielle Princivalli

Parish/Office Coordinator
Small Group Coordinator

Michelle Mc Clanahan

Youth Director 

Pamela Bach

Worship Facilitator 

Roberta Zess

Social Media Coordinator 

Arnie Markwald

Music Team Leader

Denise Udchik

Fellowship Coordinator 

Tiffany Stokes

Volunteer Coordinator 

Joe Princivalli


Mike Cunningham

Custodial Care

Missional Leaders

Michelle Irby

Food Pantry Coordinator 

Kyle McGinnis

Prison & Re-Entry Missions Coordinator

Fred and holly Okoth

Missionaries in Kenya

Meet the Council

Trinity Church has been blessed to have a strong foundation of Biblical leadership.

lisa Beatty


Michael Holmes

Roxanne Krohn

John Lusk

Kevin Volden

Sue Kessler

Financial Secretary

Jeremiah GÒmez

Lead Pastor